About Manado Independent School

Manado Independent School (MIS) is a private institution which provides education from Kindergarten age (K1) to Senior High School (Grade 12).MIS was the first school in the region to be granted an international school license by the National Education Department as a school of international standard (Sekolah Berstandar International). All sections of MIS are accredited by the Badan Akreditasi Sekolah Nasional of Indonesia, with "A" (excellent) classifications.

Students enrolled at MIS come from countries such as Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Korea and Indonesia. All graduating students of Grade 6, 9 and 12 receive an MIS Diploma of Study from MIS International Standard exams, as well as choosing to take the National Examinations as a prerequisite to study in other Indonesian schools and universities. Several graduating students in grade 12 have been accepted into overseas universities.

As of 2015, the school has changed its name from Manado International School to Manado Independent School.