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The Worldwide Universities Participated during the MIS 8th Annual Career Fest


The pandemic period did not stop the enthusiasm of Manado Independent School (MIS) to hold a flagship program that is always in demand by the 12th grade MIS High School students, namely the MIS Career Fest which was held on Thursday, October 28 – Friday, October 29, 2021. The said annual program was conducted virtually. The principal of MIS High School, Vijaya Kollabathula, Ph.D said that the school really supports senior class students by packaging the MIS Career Fest program. The purpose of this program is to provide insight, clear direction, and facilitate students with important information that will be used to choose the right educational institution for higher education and also for their future careers. We believe that this Career Festival will provide a great opportunity for students to be well informed and properly guided in their academic plans. The program is open for public, free of charge, and rich in various interactive activities. The 8th MIS Virtual Career Fest is still flooded with world-class public and private universities which provide the best quality education and accredited with excellence. A total of 54 private and public universities worldwide have participated in this activity, such as: A La Carte - Swiss Education Group, All-in Eduspace, Aspectama - Into USA and UK, University of South Florida, Aspectama Alam Sutra - Illinois Institute of Technology, BINUS International Higher Education, BINUS UNIVERSITY, Calvin Institute of Technology, Canadian Education International – Indonesia, COSMO - International Medical University, COSMO - Kaplan Singapore, COSMO - Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, COSMO - Monash University Malaysia, COSMO - Raffles Design Singapore – KL – Milan, COSMO - Singapore Institute of Management, COSMO - Taylor’s University, Edu Bridge - Asia Pacific University (APU), Edu Bridge - Chinese University of Hongkong (CUHK), Edu Bridge - Torrens University Australia, Education Republic – UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK IRELAND (EDUCATION REPUBIC), EHL - Switzerland & Singapore, Golden Gate - EDMONDS COLLEGE, Golden Gate - Monash University Australia, Golden Gate - University of Western Australia, i3L, IALF – UNSW Sydney, ISB (i3L School Business), IDP (Griffith University X IDP Makassar), JIC - Monash College – Western Michigan College, OBKG Japan, OTTIMMO international, President University, Raffles Design Institute and Business School Jakarta, Ritsumeikan University, Sampoerna University, SHORELIGHT – University of Illinois at Chicago, SUN Education, SUN Makassar (University of Glasgow), Swiss German University, Tokyo International University, Trent University, UIC College, Universitas Ciputra, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Universitas Kristen Petra, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Universitas Tarumanagara, University of Bristol, University of Tasmania, University of Canterbury, University of Victoria, dan Virtu Education.

For those who would like to take part in the MIS Career Fest, they are required to enter the school's website; however, to join in, students must use MIS account and guests use a gmail address, the next step is to fill out the data form. After they had successfully entered the site, the names and logos of the universities have been displayed on the website page. Students just choose the name of the university they wanted to know well and get some information regarding their registration process. If they wish to talk to the representative/s of the university, they may click the google meet link. Universities do not only display attractive promotional videos to attract students to register on their institutions but also offer and provide various promotions such as their campus profiles, university programs, specializations in studies, requirements for applications and scholarship opportunities. Please note that students can still access information and videos from each university at the MIS Website for 6 months. To attract more attendees and make the event interactive, the MIS committee designed a door prize session for all MIS students and invited schools.

Even though the career fest was virtual, 12th grade high school students were still enthusiastic and enjoyed the activities, parents were also invited to freely join this program. Sean Keleyan, a grade 12 Science student, has a pleasant experience because he had the opportunity to learn more about world famous universities and get valuable information he needed most. MIS Career Fest is one of the most awaited events by grade 12 students. It provided an overview of some selected universities around the world, which grade 12 students might consider pursuing their education after graduating from MIS. Sean was asked about what major he would like to take while in university and he expressed his desire to take Architecture or Computer Science. He reiterated that in Architecture he could learn how to design and build modern, strong, and sustainable buildings. And for Computer Science, he could learn more about how to design websites, programs, applications, and software to embrace the high-tech future.

For Sheren Lim, a grade 12 Social student, the promulgation of MIS career fest was very good, because with this program, students could see which university they were interested in because each university explained well their campus program. It's really fun when you join the MIS career fest program, because you can see and interact through questions and answers with several universities, and can also answer quizzes prepared by the participated institutions. Sheren will be taking Visual Design Communication (VDC) because she is interested in the world of design especially in advertising and film where these subjects will be studied in the VDC department.

The MIS Career Fest has been proven to help students in deciding not only the majors they want to pursue in, but also the university they want to go to. Throughout the years, lots of MIS alumni have been accepted to various universities that were exhibited in the MIS Career Fest.


See you on the next MIS Career Fest!