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The Phenomenal MIS Virtual Concert Surprises Home Audience


The Phenomenal MIS Virtual Concert Surprises Home Audience


Manado Independent School (MIS) shows the continuous enthusiasm for work in presenting creative activities showcased by the MIS Music and Art Department. A work of art through the 17th Musical Concert and 5th Art Exhibition 2020 with the theme "One Beat to Soothe the Pandemic Heat", on Thursday, November 26, 2020 was successfully held which is a virtual concert broadcast live through the official MIS account on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Channel. The purpose of the Virtual Musical Concert and Art Exhibition is to support MIS students in displaying creativity, honing their talents and abilities to continue to be developed to be the best even though students are still learning online at home.

Opened with the remarks from the Principal of MIS ECP and Elementary School Petra Th. Norimarna, M.Ed., as the Head Coordinator of this activity, said that the MIS concert is an annual activity that is scheduled in the school calendar. “The concert is a little different because there are no ticket sales like in previous years; because concerts are conducted virtually. We hope that amidst the tensions of the Covid-19 pandemic, our music performed by talented students and MIS teachers can provide comfort for the soul and mind, "she said.

The preparations that were planned and arranged neatly by the MIS Music and Art Department have produced greater results. Not less exciting than the concert held face to face, MIS Virtual Concert presents great performances of MIS students in playing musical instruments, dance, vocals, and painting that accompany and entertain the audience at home. During the song auction, students presented a Spanish song entitled Viva La Vida and Healed the World played by the MIS String Ensemble, Dancing Queen sung by the Class Band and a music game with the title song Lathi from Guitar Class. Coupled with the unique and astonishing beauty of the paintings created by MIS students.

A gratitude message as  MIS Management representative was conveyed by the High School Principal Vijaya Kollabathula, Ph.D., "Thank you for joining our virtual music concert and art exhibition to appreciate the skills and talents of our students". According to Sir Vijay, a fundraising event was held to help brothers and sisters who need a helping hand, namely the Panti Werdha Damai Ranomuut, Panti Asuhan Nazareth Tomohon Tengah, Panti Asuhan Muthmainnah Hidayatullah Tomohon, Merycville Yetterang Remboken 2, Panti Werda Ina Tomohon and some MIS employees who are on compulsory leave.

"The school is grateful to receive positive support from the parents for the assistance in the form of money and goods that were extended. The School is also willing to pick-up assistance provided by donors at their respective homes. Donation collection will end until December 10, as MIS will carry out Community Service activities on December 11, 2020”, Sir Vijay concluded.