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The First and Biggest Virtual 16th MIS SA Cup 2020 in North Sulawesi


The First and Biggest Virtual 16th MIS SA Cup 2020 in North Sulawesi

The success of this prestigious and spectacular event which is always held by Manado Independent School (MIS) once in a school year - the 16th MIS Cup 2020 - has officially ended. The flagship program that has been scheduled in the school calendar started from Monday, November 16 to November 23, 2020, this is the first time it is created virtually, and directly shown through Google Meet, MIS FB and MIS YouTube. This activity is not only for MIS students but other schools (SMP, SMA / SMK) in Manado, Bitung, Tomohon, Minahasa, North Minahasa and South Minahasa districts are also invited.

Good preparation has been made by the MIS SA Officers such as raising funds, checking the internet, distributing invitations, and holding a technical meeting a week before the activity is held. Using the Google Meet platform, various interesting games have been packaged by High School and Middle School SA Officers such as dance / zumba, short videos / movies, PUBG, mobile legends, bands, reading poetry, trickshot, NBA 202K basketball, PAS 2020 soccer, and social media challenges. Bradley Supit, one of the MIS Cup program coordinators for the PES 2020 (Pro evolution soccer virtual game) competition or offline soccer game said that this game is unique because it is in a room accommodating registrants from eight schools with thirteen players. So, participants must play this game 1- on- 1 without any help and the players used PS4 with an eight minute semifinal knock-out time and ten minute allocation for the final round.

According to Jessica Togelang, the president of the MIS High School Student Association, the atmosphere of the MIS CUP is different this year. "The selling ticket system for MIS Cup this time is not applied, so everyone can watch several matches via virtual”. Jessica also added that this event was designed to be more interesting with the presence of special guests". In addition, during the closing ceremony of the 16th MIS SA Cup 2020, Monday, November 23, 2020, the officers provided abundant and various kinds of door prizes and e-wallet money for the winners. MIS would like to thank and congratulate all the winners and participants for the success and victory achieved for this competition upholding sportsmanship and camaraderie among themselves.