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Molded Students Character, MIS Holds Week of Prayer


Molded Students Character, MIS Holds Week of Prayer

                 To enhance spirituality and shape the character of students, the Manado Independent School (MIS) holds the Week of Prayer (WOP). This activity, which has become an annual school agendum, is held twice a year at the beginning of each new semester. Taking the theme "Heaven Bound", MIS WOP was running for 5 days; from Monday 16 September to Friday 20 September 2019. Located in two different venues: Kindergarten students – Grade 2 elementary school at the MIS Function Hall, and Grade 3 - 6 elementary, middle and high school at the MIS Auditorium.

                Pst. Jerry Jacobs, MCM as the Chaplain of the Campus Ministry and MIS RME Department Head said that the purpose of conducting the MIS WOP is to set aside a week for our students to focus on spiritual aspects of life, to meditate upon the word of God and spending time to talk to Him in prayer, to love implementing the practice of spiritual values of loving God, loving each other, and to take care of God’s creation. Pst. Jacobs also added that the theme "Heaven Bound" was chosen because the journey of human life is not only for the life at the moment but after this, there is eternal life. "Our life here on earth is temporary and as a journey, we are traveling to our heavenly home," he said.

                Pst. Akhil Asthaputre who works as a pastor at the Canberra National SDA Church and Queanbeyan Community SDA Church, Australia is brought to MIS as a blessing through the word of God. Pst. Akhil hopes that through this WOP activity, students can learn who they really are, they can find out who God is, and they can continue to connect with God. "Your history in the past will not influence your future. Where ever you fall, you fail, you feel bad, remember to always get up and never give up because there is Jesus who will give you strength, "said Pst. Akhil.

                The talents and skills of the students were displayed through praise, the strains of musical instruments, and short dramas made MIS WOP activities feel more peaceful. Interesting topics discussed by Pst. Akhil made all students sit quietly while listening to the sermon. Syaloom Kasenda, a grade 10 High School student, felt very grateful for the word of God that was delivered by Pst. Akhil. "The material presented is well packaged, concise and clear so that it makes easy for me to understand. The Bible story that was discussed was very interesting coupled with his life experience motivated me personally and all students to establish good relationships with friends and with the teachers of this school. Syaloom also added that attending WOP every day prepared her better to face the Mid- term examination which will be held on Monday, 30 September up to 4 October, 2019.



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