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MIS Whiz Kids Program Receives Compliments


MIS Whiz Kids Program Receives Compliments


As a form of concern for the development of thinking and character growth of students at the Early Childhood Education (PAUD) and Kindergarten (TK) levels, Manado Independent School (MIS) this year again held the 4th Annual MIS Whiz Kids which started on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 virtually through Google Meet. Taking the theme "A Venture into PREMS School" Whiz Kids was participated in  by Early Childhood levels in Manado, Bitung, and North Minahasa, which competed in several subjects such as sports, reading, English, mathematics, and science. Ms. Janet Sepang, MM, the head coordinator this year said that Whiz Kids is routinely conducted face to face once a year and invites kindergarten schools, but this year, it has to be virtual because of covid -19. "Even though learning activities are carried out at home, MIS administrators and Kindergarten teachers designed this program so that children remain active and productive, so their talents in social skills, science, and sports continue to be honed and improved. This program is also one way to teach cooperation and responsibility at an early age, " she added.

According to Ms. Janet, the Kahoot application is the chosen option for  this program to help run the designed activities for the said competition. The unique and abundant prizes given by MIS for Whiz Kids competition participants are truly fantastic, such as: 1st place for 2 of 5 categories, free registration fee for the school year 2021 - 2020, 1st place for more than 2 categories, free registration fee and student council; 2nd place, 50% discount for registration for school year 2021-2022; 3rd place, 25% discount for registration for school year 2021-2022. The kindergarten participants who planned to register at MIS and won in the competition are entitled to a discount of the school fee; moreover, the participants also received souvenirs which were directly sent to their address.

MIS appreciates the involvement of all the invited guests, even teachers, and kindergarten students in the Whiz Kids 2020 4th Annual MIS program. This program helps identify the interests and talents of the children involved, build their confidence to express themselves, and convey what is in their creative minds.