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MIS Students Bring the Victory in Honor the School


 MIS Students Bring the Victory in Honor the School

             The grade 11 students of Manado Independent School, namely Celine Pontoh, Latifah Gunardi and Wilhelmina Karundeng won the first place during the final round in the recently concluded National Studentpreneur Competition (NSC) 2019 at Airlangga University in Surabaya on September 14, 2019 for national level. This competition was held in the context of welcoming Airlangga Marketing Management Expo 2019. During the semifinal round, these three students garnered 1694 points from the presentation of their Business Plan proposal.

                Wilhelmina Karundeng, one of the members of the MIS team, said that their team made a proposal regarding the services of the decorations at some events. "This idea came to our mind because in Manado City, there were a lot of event procurements so the level of event procurement was high, making us want to provide aesthetic decoration services." Further, Latifah Gunardi, one of the members of the MIS team also added that after the presentation of their proposal, the judges praised them and said that the design of their proposal was the best.

As Celine Pontoh pointed on also they want their knowledge about the business world to flourish and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit that makes all three of them dare to join this competition.

                The success of MIS students is not only in business competitions but also in other subjects. Like our Highschool debating team where the talented debaters Vanessa Lengkong, Edsel Purba, and Jessica Togelang were hailed Champion during the IBA English Debate Championship 2019, the biggest debate competition in North Sulawesi held on September 13 -14, 2019 at Universitas Sam Ratulangi and sponsored by the Economic Faculty. Moreover, on September 6, 2019, MIS Highschool Chemistry Team consisting of Andrew Jubintoro, Anandito Nugroho and Loysing Ismanto, had successfully defeated all of High School teams from Sulawesi Utara as they received the first rank at the Chemistry competition organized by the Farmacy Faculty of FMIPA UNSRAT. In addition, Zilli Tan (grade 6 student) and Zywalleni Porajow (grade 9 student), who each won second place in the semifinal round at the Erlangga English Speech Contest 2019 on September 2 – 3, 2019 in Makassar.

                 MIS triumphs from several competitions that all students have earned, and may the students can be the inspiration and motivation for the others to successfully beat the fear to become a proud student. All honor and glory only for the God Almighty.



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