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MIS Sets to Reopen School


MIS Sets to Reopen School


The government policy which begins to impose face-to-face schooling is positively welcomed by Manado Independent School (MIS). Various preparations are made and the institution implements high standard operating procedures to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, because the health and safety of all school residents are the highest priority. Several health protocols are implemented by MIS, such as wearing a mask before entering the school gate, followed by spraying disinfectant liquid for motorbikes and cars, and finally checking body temperature before entering the school area. The installation of hand sanitizers in every school hallway, in the classroom, as well as in every office is completed including the regular sanitation of the school environment more intensively. In classrooms, offices, and cafeterias, plastic dividers are also installed to make it easier for school residents to apply physical distancing. The shift system is also implemented for students in using the classroom plus MIS prepares face shields and masks to be distributed to all students and teachers.

Currently, MIS is still engaged in virtual learning which is enriched with hardware in every lesson of the teachers using graphic tablets or drawing tablets which make it easier for teachers to draw by hand and enter drawings directly into the computer such as drawing directly on paper using a pencil to make learning-teaching activities  more lively and attracts the attention of all the  students to be more focused. Vijaya Kollabathula, Ph.D, Principal of MIS High School emphasized  that in order to fulfill the learning that are designed by the teachers through the course outline, MIS teachers use an innovative learning model through online media. “During teaching and learning activities, the teachers use Google Meet while discussing the topics together with the students. The content that is presented during Google Meet is stored in google classroom for easy access to  the students as they reviewed the lesson by themselves, " he added.

MIS also has a Media Center like a recording studio. It is equipped with 3 new high quality cameras which are class gifts from class 2020 graduates for each level of Kindergarten and Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. It aims to make the recording easier and produce learning content including activities that will be presented to students. The school also uses OBS (Open Broadcast Software), a video recording and live streaming application that has good audio / video capture and mixing performance, and is equipped with unlimited scenes. It is also equipped with 5 Lab rooms, and hundreds of computers so students who have internet problems at home can come to MIS to use the mentioned facilities following the enforced the health program protocols.

In addition, MIS provides online training called webinar to all teaching staff from kindergarten, elementary, junior, and high school levels where this innovation is carried out so that learning can continue effectively and efficiently through careful learning planning. The webinar training took place through the Google Meet application on Monday, October 5 to Wednesday, October 28,  2020 with the resource speaker John Darryll S. Mercado, a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator from the Philippines, who discussed “Google Suite for Education Fundamentals Training”,  and a trainer from Jakarta who discuss about  WACOM.

The efforts in fulfilling all the applicable requirements of MIS to be ready to open schools during the new normal period are really carried out to the maximum level, especially health protocols to create a safe and healthy school environment.