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MIS Continues to Provide Virtual Creative Activities


 MIS Continues to Provide Virtual Creative Activities


The lively performances of educational activities that are interesting and hone the creativity of the students are continuously presented by the Manado Independent School (MIS). Even though the teaching and learning process is still being carried out online, MIS continues to carry out activities that are scheduled in the school calendar for school year 2020-2021 on a regular basis.

Highlighting the following Virtual programs that have been held by MIS during the Covid-19 pandemic like  in July,  it was opened with student orientation activities or MOS, then continued with other activities in the succeeding  months such as Guidance and Counseling Week, Parent - Teacher Conference, Indonesian Week, Indonesia Independence Day, Intramurals, Leadership Training, Civics Week, Health and Wellness Week, SA Challenge Week, Week of Prayer, Parenting Seminar, the 7th Annual Career Fest, United Nation Week, IT Week, Mathematics Week. For this November, MIS helps develop the talents of its students with the most awaited and phenomenal program, the 17th Annual MIS SA Cup which was officially opened on Monday, 16 November to 23 November, 2020. This is followed by the 4th Annual Whiz Kids program and the 17th Musical concert and 5th Art Exhibition. Meanwhile, to close the series of teaching and learning activities, there will be a Christmas Party for students, as well as for all MIS teachers and employees in December.

Responding to the virtual activities held by MIS, Celine Pontoh, a grade 12 science student at MIS High School professes  that the virtual MIS program continues to increase gradually; how preparations are done, ensuring that the program runs well, almost without technical problems and it fulfills her needs as student who does an online learning, "My favorite is the virtual career fest, especially I found it beneficial since I am on my senior years."

Meanwhile, for Pricilia Worotikan, a 12th grade science student at MIS High School, said that the virtual MIS program is very creative and provides opportunities for students to participate in every designed and created activity. This is one way for students to always feel excited to listen to the lecture to prevent drowsiness.

MIS administrators and teachers are always hand in hand in moving forward to always provide activities that can explore talents and appreciate their innate skills and interests, and that can arouse their enthusiasm even though the activities are carried out virtually.