A. School and Residence Hall Fees

    For the current school and residence hall fees please avail the latest information at the Finance Office or Admission Office.

    General Terms of Payment of School Fees:

    1. The registration and Student Association fees should be paid upon registration. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    2. The tuition and Residence Hall fee can be paid in the full amount or on an installment basis. As for the tuition fee, an initial payment should be settled upon registration.

    3. The school uniform set will be given after the initial payment has been completed by showing the payment slip to the inventory staff.

    4. Payment of tuition fee may be paid to the MIS designated bank account or in cash.

    5. Students will be subject to suspension from class for nonpayment of fees after the date any payment is due unless the Finance Office Staff has been advised in writing of any extenuating circumstances that have occurred delaying payment. Report cards and transcripts will be withheld until all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

    6. Upon setting an outstanding account, please send us a copy or fax us the Bank Deposit Form, Transfer Slip, or ATM Transfer Slip.

    7. Students must pay off their outstanding tuition balance from the past school year before registering again.


    School Bank Accounts:


    > Rupiah Account (RP): 701-615-204



    > Rupiah Account (RP): 000-110-1300005224

    BANK CIMB Niaga:


    > Rupiah Account (RP): 467-010-0156003


    > > Rupiah Account (RP): 150-000-3036504

    We accept credit or debit cards with a VISA or MASTERCARD logo.

B. Billing Statement

    Billing statements are release on the 4th - 5th of the month. The statement consistes of a cash receipt, the date of payment, the total balance of tuition, and the balance to be paid for the current month.

C. Reminder Letter

    The school sends reminders to parents for their financial responsibility on the 10th - 17th of each month.

D. Examination Permit

    Exam permits are distributed prior to mid-term and final exams. Permits are given only to students who are current on all financial accounts.

E. Official Cash Receipt

    An official cash receipt is issued for all payments. The cashier provides an official pre-numbered cash receipt for every transaction, whether it is a cash or bank transmittance payment.

F. Late Enrollees (New or Old Students)

    Late enrollees are those who enroll after classes begin. Late enrollees should follow the following requirements:

    1. 30% down payment should be paid upon enrollment.

    2. Payment for the previous monthly installment should be settled.

    3. If the students enroll during the second semester (January being the latest) 70% of the yearly tuition should be paid upon registration.

    4. No discount will be given for late enrollees.


The ultimate goal of Manado Independent School is to assist and facilitate students in attaining a high standard of educational excellence, religious and moral values and emotional strength.