A. School and Residence Hall Fees

For the current school and residence hall fees please avail the latest information at the Finance Office or Admission Office.

General Terms of Payment of School Fees:

  1. The school fees include the tuition, registration, Student Association and the optional fees for graduation, books, Cambridge Examination, and Residence Hall.
  2. The registration & Student Association fees should be paid upon registration. A cancellation fee equivalent to the  registration and Student Association fees will be charged upon cancellation and nullification of registration.
  3. The tuition and Residence Hall fees can be paid in the full amount or in an installment basis. A student is officially enrolled after paying the  initial payment, which include: registration, Student Association, 20% of the annual tuition, and graduation (optional) fees.
  4. The school uniform set will be given after the initial payment has been completed. The payment slip must be presented to the  MIS Store staff.
  5. Payment of tuition may be made through bank transfer using the designated MIS bank account or  through the student virtual account.
  6. Tuition payment in installment basis must be paid on or before the 10th day of every month. Starting the 10th day, the following actions are implemented, to wit:
    • On the 10th, send memo reminding parents about their obligation.
    • On the 17th, communicate with parents through their child.
    • On the 20th, students are called to the office until payment is settled.
  7. Students will not be permitted to attend their classes or take the examinations whenever accounts are not settled on the due date unless the Principal/Vice Principal has been duly informed of any circumstance causing delays in payment. Report cards and other pertinent documents will not be released until all outstanding fees have been paid in full.
  8. A subsequent promissory note will not be accepted unless the previous one has been fulfilled.
  9. A penalty of 2% per month will be added to any outstanding fee that goes beyond the 10th of the subsequent month after the billing statement is released.
  10. A copy of the Bank Deposit Form or Transfer Slip must be sent to us after accounts have been settled.

B. Bank Accounts

BANK KEB Hana: Rupiah Account (Rp.): 1122-333-8899 (or thru each student assigned Virtual Account*)

BANK PERMATA: Rupiah Account (Rp.): 701-615-204

BANK CIMB Niaga: Rupiah Account (Rp): 467-010-0156003

BANK MANDIRI: Rupiah Account (Rp): 150-000-3036504 or 150-005-4458888

We also accept credit or debit cards payment thru our cashier with a VISA or MASTERCARD logo.

*) Preferred method