Middle School

Middle School

Middle School is grade 7 through grade 9. All subjects are taught in English with the exceptions of Bahasa Indonesia, Civics, and German. To complement the academic program, sports, arts, extra-curricular, and electives are also offered. This comprehensive education is designed to produce dynamic students, capable both in academics and nonacademic.   

Students are prepared to develop in their physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social lives. Furthermore, students are trained to be competitive, ready to participate in any academic and non-academic competition.   


Grade 7 :  Cambridge—Secondary 1  

    A Beka Curriculum 

    National Curriculum 

Grade 8 :  Cambridge—Secondary 1  

    A Beka Curriculum 

     National Curriculum  

Grade 9 :  Cambridge—IGCSE  

    A Beka Curriculum  

    National Curriculum

Grading System 

1. The standard grading system for a particular semester is listed as follows : 

Attendance   10% 

Assignments 15% 

Tests 15% 

Quizzes           10% 

Midterm Grade 25%

 Final Test   25% 

2. The standard weighted average grading system for a particular mid-semester is listed as follows:

Attendance (10%/7%)*100%=13,33% 

Assignments (15%/75%)*100%=20% 

Tests   (15%/75%)*100%=20% 

Quizzes (10%/75%)*100%=13.33% 

Mid-term Test (25%/75%)*100%=33.33% 

3.   Students must fulfill all requirements given by subject teachers for their academic report.

4.   The passing grade should be C- (67%) in all subjects and the minimum achievement  grade point average (GPA) should be 2.00. Weighted grade distribution is listed under the grading scale.