Elementary school offers a Grade 1 to Grade 6 class program. The goals of the program is to train students to attain true education through harmonious development of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social well-being. Students are trained to experience challenge, success, learning from mistakes, academic excellence, and the development of independent skills as they start from simple reading and writing to understanding/ analyzing and problem-solving tasks. Different/various subjects offered and corresponding unit equivalent are explained in detail below.  


The Elementary Curriculum offers three programs: 

 •   A Beka 

 •   A Beka + Cambridge (Elective) 

 •   A Beka + Cambridge (ESL) 

The Academic Policy for taking these programs is as follows: 

A Beka  

As our core program, this is compulsory for all students. 

A Beka + Cambridge (Elective): 

i. Taken only by non-ESL students 

ii. Covers 3 core subjects: English, Math, and Science 

iii. Free progression test at the end of Grade 1 – 5; and a checkpoint test at the    end of Grade 6 with extra test fee for each Cambridge core subject 

iv. The last chance to take this is in Grade 5. 

v. There will be an additional book fee for this program.

A Beka + Cambridge (ESL): 

       New/transferee ESL students are recommended by the Administrators after the   interviews based on each student’s English proficiency.   

Grading System

Report card of every students will be given during the mid-semester and end-of-semester (final). Academic report will use the weighted average grading system.   

Mid-Term Grading System: 

Behavior  5/75% =   6.67% 

Attendance  10/75% =  13.33% 

Assignments  10/75% =  13.33% 

Unit Tests  15/75% =  20.00% 

Quizzes  10/75% =  13.33% 

Mid-term Examination 25/75% =  33.33% 

TOTAL           100%   

Final Grading System: 

Behavior   5%

 Attendance 10% 

Assignments 10% 

Unit Tests   15%

 Quizzes   10% 

Mid-term Grade   25% 

Final Examination 25%  

TOTAL 100%


• The passing grade for a subject is 75%.

• A grade below 75% is considered a failing mark.  

• Final Grade for promotion to the next level is taken from the second semester evaluation. If a student   has more than two failing grades, that student WILL NOT be promoted to the next level.  

• INCOMPLETE grades SHOULD be completed within two weeks after the report card distribution.  


 98 – 100   A Excellent 

95 – 97 A- Superior  

92 – 94 B+ Very Good 

89 - 91 B Good

86 - 88 B- Satisfactory 

83 – 85 C+ Above Average

80 - 82 C Average 

77 - 79 C- Below Average 

75 - 76 D Pass 74 and below F Fail 

Honors/Awards in Recognition and Graduation Certificates attainable through these programs are:

i. Cambridge Diagnostic Report 

This may be attained by taking the Progression Test at the end of grade 6, after enrolling in the Cambridge program from the elective courses we offer.

ii. MIS Certificate      

After completing grade 6 under A Beka curriculum, all students will receive this certificate by passing the final examination prepared by the school. 

iii. Government Certificate This certificate maybe attained by grade 6 students who will take the Regional examination offered by the school and composed by the government.